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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Really feeling soooooooo sad to receive my results
Fuck!this is what I felt when I saw what appeared in my iPad
Then I cried just like a crazy people
I think that is what I can do

Having worked hard for so long time
I can't believe that my result
What the fuck
The god is not justice
He have not seen all my hard work and gives me such a shitty results

Anyway I have decided to take the foundation already
I can't believe that I have to take the foundation
But the course starts early in the jan
That means that I have to go aus before cny
Anyway I want to start my foundation quickly
I don't want to see my uec results anymore
I don't want to use it
I don't think that I am stupid or not hardworking enough
I believe that I can do well in my foundation
Trust me
I will

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